NMC Registration Zero to NMC PIN

Zero to NMC PIN

Merlin Gold Service

Are you starting the NMC registration process along with study for the test of competences?
NMC Registration

Are you intimidated by the thought of starting the NMC registration process without affecting your daily schedules or preparation for language test? No need to worry.

We, at Mentor Merlin, have a solution for you. Zero to NMC PIN – Merlin Gold Service. This is a premium package
for those candidates who would like to complete the NMC process without any trouble. The candidates have to take care of their preparation for the test of competences only. We undertake the start to finish of the NMC process until you get your NMC

Advantages of this package

After your first assessment, a dedicated consultant will work with you throughout the registration
process until you receive your PIN.

We, at Mentor Merlin, offer a very personalized and friendly service to guide you and support you from
the beginning, to starting the NMC registration to getting the NMC PIN, to becoming a registered nurse
in the UK.

Zero to NMC PIN Gold Service includes starting your NMC registration, contacting your parent council
(through third party), booking your exam dates, and everything associated with getting your NMC PIN
without the usual anxiety associated with all the procedures to be taken care of.

You just send your documents that are needed to start the NMC process, and we start your application
and will be with you every step of the way.

The breakdown of the fee

NMC Registration consultation – £50 (Refundable after completing NMC Registration Process)
CBT Exam booking – £83
CBT preparation materials – £89 (free printed book delivered home for all those who attend the
exam in UK postcodes)
NMC Registration fees (Both stages) – £293 (£140 + £153)
OSCE Exam booking – £794
OSCE full Preparation – £799
Total – £2108

(Printed version of Merlin Book of NMC OSCE included)

Best price – £2099

Split-up of fee:

Stage 1 beginning – £200
Stage 2 beginning + Exam stage – £1900
*Other split-up options are not included in this package.

*Parent Council support (third-party verification service) is not included in the package. It will depend on the service provider you choose.

*OSCE period accommodation – £200-£500 (not included in the package)

*Regulatory verification (good standing /character certificate) not included.

To know more details of this premium package of Zero to NMC PIN – Merlin Gold Service, please WhatsApp at +44 7418 607264

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