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What You’ll Learn

This OET online course is structured into three distinct phases with 14 lessons on all four subtests. Each modules is strategically designed to enhance your skills and strategies necessary to conquer the OET Exam for Nurses with confidence. An OET online course tailored for nurses who are total beginners to the world of OET for nurses.

Material Includes

Course Curriculum

Phase 1: Foundation (13 Classes)

Brief Introduction Tutorial

Get acquainted with the course objectives and structure.

Dedicated Subtest Understanding classes (4 subtests)

Dive deep into each subtest, exploring effective strategies and techniques.

Dashboard Lessons 1 – 5, Covering All Subtests

Explore step-by-step approaches with personalized feedback and refinement for all modules

Mock Test with Coordinator/Tutor with Review and Feedback

Phase 2: Proficiency (7 Classes)

Brief Introduction to All 4 Subtests

Gain an overview of the four subtests to streamline focused learning.

Dashboard Sessions 6 - 10, with Assignments Covering All 4 Subtests

Engage in personalized feedback sessions and assignments tailored to reinforce skills in each subtest.

Mock Test with Coordinator/Tutor with Review and Feedback

Phase 3: Excellence (5 Classes)

Dashboard Sessions 11- 14, with Assignments Covering All 4 Subtests

Fine-tune your skills through targeted practice and assignments.

Final Mock Test Covering All Modules with Coordinator/Tutor with Review and Feedback

About the course

Aspiring nurses, are you ready to unlock your global healthcare potential? Our meticulously crafted OET online course, the Comprehensive Crack Course, is your ultimate weapon to conquer the OET Exam for Nurses and land your dream career.

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Structured in three strategic phases, this online OET prep journey empowers you with:

Phase 1: Beginner Foundation: In the foundational phase, you will establish a strong understanding of the OET exam format and its objectives.

Phase 2: Building Proficiency: In this phase, you will enhance your proficiency across all four subtests through targeted sessions and assignments.

Phase 3: Refinement and Excellence: in this phase, you’ll refine your skills and strive for excellence in preparation for the OET examination.

Course specifics
  1. Strategic Subtest Understanding: Gain comprehensive insights into each subtest with this OET online course, focusing on effective strategies and techniques tailored to OET exam requirements.

  2. Effective Writing Techniques: Master the art of crafting coherent and structured writing pieces, including introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs, aligned with OET writing questions for nurses.

  3. Confident Speaking Skills: Develop confidence and proficiency in the speaking module, including role-play scenarios, patient-nurse interactions, and effective communication strategies.

  4. Personalized Feedback and Review: Benefit from personalized feedback and review sessions with experienced tutors to refine your skills and address specific areas for improvement.

  5. Progressive Proficiency Building: Progress through structured phases designed to build proficiency gradually, ensuring a solid foundation and continuous improvement across all subtests.

  6. Final Mock Tests for Readiness: Assess your readiness for the OET exam through comprehensive mock tests covering all modules, receiving detailed feedback and guidance for further refinement.

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How it works?
Reading and Listening:
  • Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Understanding Question Types and Patterns

  • Rules and Methods of Approach

  • Task types comprehension

  • Crafting introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs

  • Integration and practice

  • Introduction to the speaking module

  • Role play practice: patient & nurse interaction

Merlin Features:
  • Flexibility:  Schedule classes with your tutor to suit your convenience.

  • Individualized Feedback: Receive personalized feedback to optimize your performance.

  • Tailored Guidance: Align your learning pace and requirements with tailored guidance.

  • Online Classes: Engage in video classes conducted via Google Meet or Zoom for seamless learning.

  • Exam booking assistance

  • Access to an extensive array of exercise materials covering all subtests

Embrace the future of preparation with our fully OET online course, specifically for nurses. Learn at your own pace, embark on a self-directed learning odyssey, and emerge empowered and confident to conquer the OET exam. Our comprehensive “Crack Course” equips you with the essential tools and strategies to excel.

What Student’s Say

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do.

Malibe Selebalo

It was so good. My OET Tutor always had my back and she helped me even after hours. She helped me until the last minute even though we were done with the classes. It was a good experience to be with Mentor Merlin's Team. I would definitely recommend you to anyone.


Olivia Ucheabughinna

I want to use this medium to thank the Mentor Merlin team. The team is well organised from initial registration till the end date of my training I am glad I took part in the online training it helped boost my confidence


Stella Dobbin

Hello, family I have passed my exam in the first attempt. Thank you all. Thank you to our tutors, coordinator, and everyone. I really appreciate it. I will encourage everyone for this course, it was really good. It built my confidence so much. I wish everyone good luck.


Reemaliah John

Mentor Merlin is the right place for everyone who want to ace their OET. Everyone in their team is super helpful and goes up and beyond for you.. Couldn’t have done it without the right guidance and structured training of Mentor Merlin.

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OET Crack Course (Fresher)

Designed to empower you with essential skills and strategies to excel in the Occupational English Test (OET)


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Designed to empower you with essential skills and strategies to excel in the Occupational English Test (OET)

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