NMC ToC 21 CBT Exam Mock Test

CBT Exam Mock Test

Free NMC ToC 21 CBT Mock Test

Last Update June 6, 2024
Free NMC CBT Mock Test

Mentor Merlin’s Free NMC CBT Capability Checker is created to measure your progress towards success in the NMC CBT exam. You can quickly check your CBT capability and receive personalized feedback to help you improve.
In just five minutes, you can get a detailed report of your mock test and receive expert guidance from our skilled mentor.

Try our Free CBT adult nursing mock test for free and see how far you have reached. Click here!

Keep up the practice with our free mock tests that come with 120 distinct questions in the Pearson VUE exam pattern. Our mock test covers various topics from the Royal Marsden textbook, and drug calculus has been simplified for you. You can expect to find answers to all the tricky questions that might appear in the CBT exam.

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About Our Training

Mentor Merlin is the exclusive platform providing a Free CBT Mock Test in the exact format of NMC CBT, 120 questions in 4 hours with answers in full step, review and resume options with training assistance.
Our website is compactable with all devices (Laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone of Android, Windows, Mac) and browsers (Chrome, Safari, Explorer).

Mentor Merlin is the largest and leading provider of NMC CBT training. We offer several courses that are more comprehensive than any other trainers. Our question bank has over 1000 previously asked questions and answers. Nurses can access our training, and Overseas Nurses can access the latest 2021 syllabus-oriented training material with full step-by-step answers. Our NMC CBT Online Practice is designed and regularly updated by healthcare experts in the UK.

Mentor Merlin is a leading provider of online practice and mock tests for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), geared towards supporting nursing professionals in their preparation for the NMC CBT exam. Our comprehensive course content is carefully curated by a team of highly experienced nursing professionals, who possess extensive knowledge in the field of CBT.

Our preparation material includes a vast collection of previously asked Latest CBT exam questions and answers, which are designed to provide aspiring nursing professionals with an in-depth understanding of the exam pattern and the types of questions asked. Through our online practice and mock tests, students can gain valuable insights into the format and structure of the NMC CBT exam, while also sharpening their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

We take pride in offering a safe and supportive learning environment, which allows students to engage with our course content at their own pace. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, our CBT exam preparation material is designed to meet your needs and help you achieve your career goals. So why wait? Sign up for our CBT exam preparation course today and take the first step towards advancing your nursing career!

Our Exam Preparation course is constantly updated with the latest syllabus and research, ensuring that our material is up-to-date and relevant for nurses seeking nursing jobs in the UK. The updated syllabus is based on the latest trends and requirements in the industry, providing a comprehensive and practical approach to the exam. With Mentor Merlin, you can be assured of the highest quality CBT material that will help you achieve your career goals.

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