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34 h, 45 m

Total Hour


Course Level


What You’ll Learn

This is OSCE Full Course Training Programme combined with Online and On-site training.

Material Includes

Course Curriculum

01. Introduction

Assessment (Class)

Assessment (NEWS 2) Approach 1

Assessment (GCS) Approach 2



02. Day 2

Planning (Class)

Implementation (Class) + Read Prescription

Evaluation (Class)



03. Day 3

Professional Values & Evidence Based Practice (Class)


04. Day 4

Intramuscular Injection

Subcutaneous Injection

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Intravenous flush and VIP monitoring


05. Day 5

Fine-bore NG Tube insertion

Nasopharyngeal Suctioning

Wound Assessment

Aseptic Non-touch Technique


06. Day 6

Mid-stream Urine Analysis

Catheter Sample of Urine

Removal of Catheter

In- Hospital Resuscitation


07. Day 7

Nutritional assessment

Pain Assessment

Pressure Area Assessment

Fluid Balance


08. Day 8

Administration of Suppository

Oxygen Therapy

Administration of Inhaled Medication

Peak Flow Meter

Oral Care Plan


About this course

The comprehensive OSCE Full Course Training Programme is a perfect blend of online and on-site training designed to help candidates excel in their respective fields. As a candidate, you will be provided with an exclusive account to access the OSCE crack course materials, which include a series of pre-recorded videos. These materials will allow you to prepare yourself thoroughly before embarking on the online training phase with the highly experienced OSCE Expertise Mentor. 

Free OSCE Consultation

How it works?

  1. Understanding the format ( Live tutor online sessions)

  2. Review the content ( Materials provided in exclusive account)

  3. Developing effective communications skills ( Verbalisation sessions)

  4. Mastering Clinical Skills ( Onsite training)

  5. Practice makes it Perfect with mock tests

  6. Reflect and learn from feedbacks.

With this training programme, you can expect to gain a wealth of knowledge and practical skills that will help you stand out in your profession.

Merlin Features until you clear your OSCE Exam
  • Merlin Book of OSCE – Full access

  • Roleplay videos

  • Every day live class with OSCE expert mentors

  • Online OSCE Tutor Assistance (live)

  • Access to the crack course materials.

  • Access to OSCE Premium Discussion Group.

  • Both online and on-site OSCE Coordinators will arrange and guide you through on scheduling of your training and preparation.

  • Exam booking Assistance 

NMC OSCE Preparation [10 Stations Test]

It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines, protocols, and evidence-based practices in your field to perform well in OSCE Exam. Keep yourself informed about any changes or updates that may be relevant.

Remember, practicing consistently, reflecting on your performance, and seeking feedback are crucial to improving your OSCE performance.

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What Student’s Say

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do.

Anu ale pun

Thank you so much MentorMerlin for guiding me throughout my preparation for the OSCE exam. I would recommend anyone to join this institute for NMC preparation exams without any doubts as I found it as one of the best preparation center. They provide all the necessary materials and updated information which is very helpful as clarify all the confusions that we have so, thanks again, Mentor Merlin.


Olivia Ucheabughinna

I want to use this medium to thank the Mentor Merlin team. The team is well organised from initial registration till the end date of my training I am glad I took part in the online and on-site training it helped boost my confidence


Stella Dobbin

Hello, family I have passed my NMC OSCE 10 stations on the first attempt. Thank you all. Thank you to our tutors, coordinator, and everyone. I really appreciate it. I will encourage everyone to go to the on-site training as well it was really good. It built my confidence so much. I wish everyone good luck.


Reemaliah John

Mentor Merlin is the right place for everyone who want to ace their OSCE.everyone in their team is super helpful and goes up and beyond for you.. Couldn’t have done it without the right guidance and structured training of Mentor Merlin.

Plans For This Course

See below our main plan for our courses. It starts from here! You can teach yourself what you really like.


NMC OSCE 3 Months Training

This is OSCE Full Course Training Programme combined with Online and On-site training.

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