NMC ToC 21 CBT Crack Course Short Term (Adult Nursing)

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About This Course

Mentor Merlin; a global provider of NMC CBT online training. Advanced Course rooms with relevant, reliable resources and question bank with answers and rationale.

NMC ToC 21 CBT Crack Course (August 02, 2021 update) is now live with covering all SOPFRN (Standards of Proficiency for Future Registered Nurses) statements.

The New CBT is a two part examination, comprising one test of 115 questions. Part A consists of 15-mark numeracy questions with constructed one-number answers. Part B will be a 100-mark clinical assessment questions made up of four-options, multiple- choice questions with one single correct answer.

The ToC21 CBT Crack Course Ultimate aims at providing precise understanding about the new question format, style, and level of difficulty. The Future Nurse Standards, all the seven platforms content is rightly incorporated in the ToC21 CBT Crack Course questions. We update our NMC ToC 21 CBT guide regularly for the nurses seeking nursing jobs in the UK; hence Mentor Merlin’s NMC CBT material is based on the upgraded syllabus with constant research.

Our ToC 21 CBT training materials have divided into 4 course rooms in a way that it could meet all the learning needs of NMC ToC 21 CBT.

Mentor Merlin is the only platform that provides a free ToC 21CBT Mock Test in the exact format of NMC ToC21 CBT and 115 questions in 3 hours with answers in full step, review and resume options with training assistance. Our website is compatible with all devices (Laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone of Android, Windows, and iOS) and browsers (Chrome, Safari, Explorer).

Our website is compatible with all devices (Laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone of Android, Windows, and iOS) and browsers (Chrome, Safari, Explorer). Candidates have pause and resume options every time you logout and re-login.

Mentor Merlin is the largest and leading NMC CBT training provider. We have a number of courses to offer compared to any other trainers. There are more than 1000 previously asked questions and answers in our question bank. Furthermore, Overseas Nurses can access the latest 2021 syllabus-oriented training material with answers in full step. Many UK healthcare experts design and regularly updates our NMC ToC 21 CBT Online Practice.

We update the materials frequently and all candidates with the access are eligible for all updates without any additional cost.

Mentor merlin hoping to provide you the best experience and an opportunity for to ease your journey and success through our dedicated materials.

All the best
Mentor Merlin

Frequently Asked Queries

What is the structure of New CBT?

The new CBT ToC 21 contains Part A Numeracy (15 Drug Calculations) and Part B Clinical (100 MCQ) and the duration is 180 minutes (3 hours). You need to pass both parts separately. Failure of this will require resit for the failed part.

What is the passing score of New CBT’s Numeracy part?

The current pass mark for Part A numeracy is 87% (candidates must get 13 out of 15).

What is the passing score of New CBT’s Clinical part?

The current pass marks for Part B clinical vary across nursing strands to reflect the different difficulty of the tests. The Angoff method is used to set the initial standard for the CBT, and statistical techniques to maintain the standard across different test forms and overtime. Ongoing analysis will be conducted on the performance of the candidates in the CBT to ensure that the questions and tests function as expected.

Will Mentor Merlin’s ToC 21 CBT crack course help me pass CBT at the first time?

Yes, Certainly. This curriculum developed in a way that everyone can follow the instructions and learn the most necessary aspects you require to practice effectively as a registered nurse in the UK.

Is Mentor Merlin’s ToC 21 Crack Course provide separate training for Numeracy and Clinical parts?

Yes! This course specifically trains you how to answer for both parts separately. See the Free preview session for more details.

How can I join to the course right now?

Just need to click on Add to Cart button and proceed to check out. Once you have complete the payment, our admission desk will be in touch with you within 24 hours. You just have to verify you identity and can directly enroll to the course from then.

Can I get a free access or a preview before I join?

Yes you can visit the Introduction section available below and you can access the course preview for free from there.

What is SOPFRN?

SOPFRN is the abbreviation use for explaining Standards of Proficiency for Future Registered Nurses statements in Mentor Merlin’s ToC 21 CBT course rooms.

“No need to prepare from everywhere, Just rely on Mentor Merlin CBT Crack Course for your CBT Success. It is well organised and will make your preparation very easy”

Leena Thomas, India


Learning Objectives

Deep understanding of ToC 21 CBT topic
Helps to identify the method of answering
Familiarising test pattern
Membership to Premium CBT discussion group
Access to all updates during the activation period of course
Online live technical support 9am-5pm BST or in 24 hours
Real mock test with review


  • This online course is purely developed for ToC 21 CBT appearing candidates. Candidates have the liability to prove their qualifications at the admission desk after a successful purchase. You can submit either your CBT booking confirmation with ID proof or ‘Test of competence invitation’ email received from NMC. The admission desk will be in touch with you from 5 minutes to 24 hours after your purchase.
  • Recruitment agencies and other training providers or any other representatives will not be qualifying the purchase and evidence for any such attempt will cause a non-refundable account dismissal. You can write to [email protected] for support.

Target Audience

  • Any nurses who are trained outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and planning to get registered to the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)


22 Lessons

Introduction (Free Preview)

UK NMC ToC 21 CBT Free Mock Test PreviewPreview
Part A – Numeracy (Preview Content)Preview
Par B – Clinical (Preview Content)Preview

Learn Now : 500+ Most Plausible Questions (June 2022 Updated)

Part A : Numeracy

Most Important Tips - MIT Type of Questions & Solutions 1. Identifying Syringe Volume 2. Identifying Medicine Cup Volume 3. Direct Unit Conversion, 4. Number of tablets/capsules - Image vs prescription (2 step calculation) 5. Volume calculation - Image vs prescription (2 step calculation) 6. Dose Vs Bodyweight Vs Image (3 step calculation) 7. Rate of infusion calculation 8. Fluid Balance Calculation

Part B : Clinical

Question Bank - MCQs with Answer and Rationale Based on Frequently asked topics and Future nurse: Standards of proficiency for registered nurses by NMC

Mock Test with Review 115 Questions, 180 Minutes

NMC CBT Previous Resources (Legacy CBT not ToC 21 CBT)

Student Feedback

47 Ratings

Reviews (47)

Thank you, Mentor Merlin, the course really helped me to pass my CBT exam.

"Thank you so much Mentor Merlin for this best course
This course was very helpful While preparing, got 99 questions from the courses and was able to pass the exam"

Thank you MentorMerlin for the best NMC CBT study materials. I have cleared my exam today. In Part B, 99 questions came from MentorMerlin's 509 plausible questions. And for Part A, all the questions were from the Mentor Merlin course room.

I’m really happy to say that I passed my CBT through Mentor Merlin. Initially, I was confused about joining the course but now I can say it was the right decision. The crack course which includes plenty of sessions and mock tests really helped me to understand the concepts, and the practice made me confident. The WhatsApp group provided by Mentor Merlin was so effective the discussions, materials, ideas, and clarifications from so many people were excellent. I got Most of the questions from the course materials. Thank you so much Mam for the effort and guidance. I do recommend Mentor Merlin for those who wish to complete their CBT on 1st attempt. Thank you so much once again, mam. 😊😊

"I have successfully passed NMC today by practicing the course materials of Mentor Merlin.

I do really appreciate the team of Mentor Merlin who helps me and supports me by providing very similar course materials.


I strongly recommend Mentor Merlin's CBT crack course for all overseas nurses who wish to take the exam. From my own experience it wasn't easier for me to pass numeracy and clinical without their help. Thanks you so much .

I am extremely happy to inform that I have passed CBT with your course materials. All the notes with rationale guided me to answer the questions perfectly. I strongly recommend Mentor Merlin course for candidate who wants to pass CBT exam.Thank you.

\"l really express my heartfelt thanks to the Mentor Merlin Team for helping me to crack the CBT exam. The updated CBT materials helped me to pass the exam in my first attempt itself. Thank you Rose mam for your great support. nl really recommend Mentor Merlin for those who are appearing for CBT. Thank u once again.\"

Really thanks to Mentor Merlin for helping me to crack my UK NMC CBT exam... The materials helped me a lot. The support was throughout my course. I dedicate my success to Mentor Merlin and strongly recommend this to everyone. Thanks a lot...

Dear Mentor Merlin, Thank you so much for the immense support. The quality of the materials was too good that it helped me to adhere to a new model of questions.

The smile you got when you successfully bag your CBT in one attempt. Dear Mentor Merlin, I can’t thank you and your crew enough. For your dedication, your materials, encouragement, etc. Thanks for that amazing group you added me to. Cheers...

I would like to thank Mentor Merlin and the team for making it possible to pass CBT at the first attempt and also by introducing a premium group that is always active and innovative, your support is highly appreciated. Thank you so much

The great course was put up in an organised way. For me, Must Learn Topics gave an in-depth knowledge about a topic, and MCQs were very beneficial. Finally, the full CBT Crack Course gave me confidence, and eventually passed my exam. Thank you, Mentor Merlin & Team.

A big THANK YOU to Mentor Merlin ˆ-ˆ
I passed my CBT today! I wouldn't be successful in my exams without the help of Mentor Merlin. The study materials and practice tests were perfect to prepare me even for only 2 weeks of review. It's really worth it to be enrolled here! Highly recommended!

Mentor Merlin has been a great support for me during the entire journey of preparation for CBT. The crack course was very useful. The WhatsApp group was very active and supportive. Thank you Mentor Merlin for your appropriate guidance and support..

I am very thankful to Mentor Merlin for providing excellent material to prepare for CBT. I studied for just 10 days and was able to pass the CBT exam as the content and premium WhatsApp group proved to be a real savior. Even I got a prompt reply to all my queries every time I contacted them.

I am so happy that I came across Mentor Merlin. The course materials are rich in knowledge and helped me pass my CBT on the first attempt. Thanks, Mentor Merlin

Mentor Merlin just inspired me. I was really frustrated after I failed my exam, it was the first exam I had ever failed. I passed my CBT exam today with the help of Mentor Merlin material. I can’t find words to say thank you for the assistance you provided for me via Mentor Merlin materials. I extend my thanks to the WhatsApp group as well. And the greatest thanks go to God almighty for using you to help people like me.

"I passed the CBT at the first attempt and I'm super excited. I thank God for this victory.
OMG!! The CBT Crack Course by Mentor Merlin was the best material for my preparation and in less than 2 weeks, I was adequately prepared for the exam.
Thank you, Mentor Merlin, I will always recommend you to my colleagues who want to write CBT."

I am happy to announce that I have passed my CBT on the first attempt. All thanks to Mentor Merlin’s. The CBT crack course was the best thing that happened to my preparation, even though I did the course for barely two weeks but I was able to cover a lot. The 101 topics and the MCQs were of great help to me. I thank God and thanks to Mentor Merlin.

Thank you so much mentor merlin team for your support to pass my cbt exam, I had a lot of tension about the new cbt exam and I had no idea regarding the questions they may ask but the mentor merlin team supported me a lot and encouraged me to join a crash course. I was able to pass my exam by attending this course of only a few weeks now I achieved my goal through them and am very happy. I would like to recommend mentor merlin to everyone who wanted to settle their dream country...

I'm really happy to say that I passed CBT in the second attempt through Mentor Merlin. All the materials are well organised and help me to study well. Thank you, Mentor Merlin!

I'm really happy to say that I passed CBT in the second attempt through Mentor Merlin. All the materials are well organised and help me to study well. Thank you, Mentor Merlin!

I was so overwhelmed when I saw the POSITIVE RESULT ON BOTH PART A NUMERACY and PART B CLINICAL TEST. So relieved that hard work paid off. The extensive exposure to the various questions on Mentor Merlin CBT Crack Course allowed a back bone of knowledge that allowed me to point to the correct choice even to completely re-worded questions encountered. Thank you Mentor Merlin Family!

The course was very handy as it guides you to understand exactly what CBT is all about and at the same time the materials available are so helpful and it’s very easy to understand. The course helped me to be confident enough to face the exam as I had already given the mock papers which was more or less the CBT exam that I faced. I would highly recommend Mentor Merlin CBT Crack Course as this alone is enough for anyone to crack through this exam.

“I express my heartfelt thanks to the Mentor Merlin Team for helping me to crack the CBT exam with the updated important questions. Thank you for clearing the queries with the adequate rationale behind it.”

I am really glad to inform you that I have passed my CBT... Thank you Mentor Merlin for helping me to achieve this result.

Your materials with rationale and details guided me and I can tell you that they are very helpful.

Thank you

Thank you Mentor Merlin for your guidance and support during my journey for CBT. I was part of the WhatsApp group in which all recent questions were discussed and a lot of materials which helped me a lot. I really recommend Mentor Merlin for those who are appearing for CBT.

The materials and support group at Mentor Merlin was a really big help. Topics are properly organized and explained. This made me feel confident to write my CBT exam. And guess what, I passed it on my first attempt!!! Thank God and thank you, Mentor Merlin 😍🙏🏻

Mentor Merlin materials helped me to get valuable information to update my knowledge and the contents are really concise and crispy. Especially I found it more useful to understand the concept in the various acts, that is existing in the UK. Thank you 🌹

I joined this Mentor Merlin institute to take training for CBT. My all-over experience is excellent with good interaction. The knowledge given by this group is very helpful to me to achieve my dream.

I only had 2 weeks to my CBT exams and while searching the net, I came across Mentor Merlin and I am so glad I did. Lots of topics and questions to learn from their website. Honestly, what really helped me the most was the WhatsApp group chat, group members are selfless and ready to help and thankfully I passed on my first sitting.

My CBT exam was a success.

Firstly, I want to thank Jesus for granting me this success.

Secondly, am grateful to Mentor Merlin for putting material together to help my preparation. Although I was on another platforms materials from Mentor Merlin helped to aid adequate preparation in every domain that NMC questions came from.

Today is one of the most happiest day of my life. I have passed my CBT exams in my very first attempt. I am thankful to God and thankful to Mentor Merlin for giving me all the support and acquired study materials I needed in such a short period of time in preparation for my exams. I recommend Mentor Merlin to anyone who wishes to pass their exams at first attempt. Thank you again Mentor Merlin.

Thank you Mentor Merlin for your support to successfully pass my CBT exam, and the material is very useful and it’s very easy to access and legible. Thank you so much Mentor Merlin!

I had joined Mentor Merlin CBT Crack course which helped me from scratch, the materials and guidance is amazing and it really helped me to crack CBT at the first attempt. I am very pleased with the support Mentor Merlin gave me through out the process.

I would like to say thanks to Mentor merlin, as I cleared my CBT with the help of Mentor Merlin, especially the group discussions and the lessons. So I highly recommend Mentor Merlin to all.

To Mentor Merlin Team. A big thank you for the support offered in the CBT course rooms. I will recommend you guys to any candidates to build your confidence.

Mentor Merlin CBT crack course was helpful in covering portions of CBT. The WhatsApp group was so active and I get to know recent questions from different candidates. Also, doubtful questions were shared and clarified with the team members. Thank you, Mentor Merlin.

Thank you MentorMerlin for providing the essential materials for the updated CBT exam.I am happy to recommend your institution for future CBT participants.

The course rooms Mentor Merlin's CBT crack course help me a lot to pass the exam. All needed contents are included in this. It is enough to review the contents for the test. Thank you for your great support..

I have successfully completed the test, I didn't refer to any other source, only referred to Mentor Merlin course room materials, most of the questions I received from 750 questions.

Thanks to Mentor Merlin Team for maintaining this excellence and support.

Always happy to recommend Mentor Merlin to my friends ...

Thank you

Thank you, Mentor Merlin. I feel so happy that I chose you to get training for CBT preparations. Your training was really helpful to increase my confidence. Study materials offered for both sessions - Numeracy and clinical, were well planned. I recommend them for any one who planning to appear for CBT.

I was told that the new CBT curriculum would be tough to crack however with the aid of Mentor Merlin and their coordinator I aced it in one go... Thank you Rose for your ongoing support and I encourage future CBT participants to enroll with Mentor Merlin

I am very thankful to Mentor Merlin institution for the guidance and support given for my CBT exam . The updated CBT materials helped me to pass the exam in my first attempt itself .

I recommend mentor Merlin crack course for your CBT preparation. I was nervous about the numeracy part of the test as it was newly introduced. But, it was made easy on the crack course. Overall, you won't regret using it. I look forward to your services in OSCE. Thank you!

I recommend Mentor Merlin's CBT crack course for all foreign nurses who wish to sit for the exam. It is 100% helpful.

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  • Online material in textbook format
  • 101 must learn topics
  • Over 750 frequently asked CBT questions with answers and rationale- Expired (only for OLD CBT)
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