Latest NMC CBT ToC 21 Crack Course Short Term

NMC CBT Crack Course

NMC ToC21 CBT Crack Course Short Term

NMC CBT Crack Course Mentormerlin
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34 h, 45 m

Total Hour

All Level

Course Level

NMC Computer Based Test Ultimate

What You’ll Learn

This curriculum developed in a way that everyone can follow the instructions and learn the most necessary aspects you require to practice effectively as a registered nurse in the UK

Material Includes

Course Curriculum

01. Introduction (Free Preview)

UK NMC ToC 21 CBT Free Mock Test Preview

Part A – Numeracy (Preview Content)

Par B – Clinical (Preview Content)

02. 500 + Most Plausible Questions

Questions & Answers

03. Part A : Numeracy

Most important tips – Adding Units

Most important tips – Understanding the Instructions

Type of Questions and Solutions

Question Bank with Correct Answer & Rationale

04. Part B : Clinical

Platform 1 : Being an accountable professional

Platform 2 : Promoting health and preventing ill health

Platform 3 : Assessing needs and planning care

Platform 4 : Providing and evaluating care

Platform 5 : Leading and managing nursing care and working in teams

Platform 6 : Improving safety and quality of care

Platform 7 : Coordinating care

Annexe A : Communication and relationship management skills

Annexe B: Nursing procedures

Must Learn Topics

05. Mock Test with Review 115 Questions, 180 Minutes

Mock Test with Review 115 questions, 180 Minutes

NMC CBT Adult Nursing Mock Test with review

NMC ToC21 CBT Free Mock Test with review

About this Course

Mentor Merlin is a reputed global provider of NMC ToC21 CBT for nurses online training. We offer advanced course rooms that are equipped with reliable resources and a question bank with answers and rationale.

Free CBT Consultation
Learning Objectives
  • Deep understanding of ToC 21 NMC CBT topic

  • Helps to identify the method of answering

  • Familiarising test pattern

  • Membership to Premium NMC CBT discussion group

  • Access to all updates during the activation period of course

  • Online live technical support 9am-5pm BST or in 24 hours

  • Real mock test with review

Material Includes
  • Explaining Over 500 Latest plausible MCQ’s

  • September 22 updated Mock Test with Review

  • Online material in textbook format

  • Contains latest questions with possible answers and explanations

  • Membership to the Premium WhatsApp group

Requirements for CBT Exam
  • This online course is purely developed for ToC 21 NMC CBT appearing candidates. Candidates have the liability to prove their qualifications at the admission desk after a successful purchase. You can submit either your NMC CBT booking confirmation with ID proof or ‘Test of competence invitation’ email received from NMC. The admission desk will be in touch with you from 5 minutes to 24 hours after your purchase.

  • Recruitment agencies and other training providers or any other representatives will not be qualifying the purchase and evidence for any such attempt will cause a non-refundable account dismissal. You can write to [email protected] for support.

Target Audience
  • Any nurses who are trained outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and planning to get registered to the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)

The latest NMC CBT Crack Course, updated on August 02, 2021, is readily available along with updated questions. This course covers all SOPFRN (Standards of Proficiency for Future Registered Nurses) statements, ensuring that learners are fully prepared for their future nursing careers.

FREE CBT for Nurses Mock Test

NMC CBT Syllabus

The New CBT is a two part examination, comprising one test of 115 questions.

  • Part A : 15 – mark numeracy Assessment ( constructed one-number answers).

  • Part B : 100-mark clinical theory Assessment (multiple- choice questions with one single correct answer) .

The ToC21 CBT Crack Course Ultimate aims to provide a precise understanding of the new question format, style, and The ToC Crack Course Ultimate is a comprehensive learning resource that aims to provide nurses with a complete understanding of the new question format, style, and level of difficulty of the Test of Competence (ToC) exam. This course is designed to help nurses prepare for the exam with confidence and ease.

The ToC Crack Course Ultimate incorporates all the content from the seven Future Nurse Standards platforms, ensuring that nurses have access to all the information they need to succeed. This includes learning resources on professionalism, communication, and leadership, as well as clinical skills, decision making, and patient safety.

At Mentor Merlin, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest nursing standards and regulations. That’s why we regularly update our NMC ToC guide for nurses seeking jobs in the UK. Our NMC CBT material is based on the upgraded syllabus, and we conduct constant research to ensure that our resources are relevant and helpful to nurses.

Overall, the ToC Crack Course Ultimate and Mentor Merlin’s NMC ToC21 CBT material are the ideal resources for nurses looking to succeed in the ToC exam and advance their nursing careers in the UK. The Future Nurse Standards, all the seven platforms’ content is rightly incorporated in the ToC21 CBT Crack Course questions. We update our NMC ToC 21 CBT exam guide regularly for the nurses seeking nursing jobs in the UK; hence Mentor Merlin’s NMC ToC21 CBT material is based on the upgraded syllabus with constant research.

Mentor Merlin is the only platform that provides a free ToC 21 CBT Mock Test in the exact format of NMC ToC21 CBT and 115 questions in 3 hours with answers in full step, review and resume options with training assistance. Our website is compatible with all devices (Laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone of Android, Windows, and iOS) and browsers (Chrome, Safari, Explorer).

Our ToC 21 CBT Exam training materials have divided into 4 course rooms in a way that it could meet all the learning needs of NMC ToC 21 CBT.

“Candidates have pause and resume options every time you logout and re-login”

Mentor Merlin is the largest and leading NMC ToC21 CBT training provider. We have a number of courses to offer compared to any other trainers. There are more than 1000 previously asked questions and answers in our question bank. Furthermore, Overseas Nurses can access the latest 2021 syllabus-oriented training material with answers in full step. Many UK healthcare experts design and regularly updates our NMC ToC 21 CBT Online Practice.

We update the materials frequently and all candidates with the access are eligible for all updates without any additional cost.

Mentor Merlin aims to provide you with the best experience and dedicated materials to ease your journey and ensure success

All the best, 

Mentor Merlin

What Student’s Say

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do.

Sukhpal Kaur

My experience with Mentor Merlin was excellent 👍 I got many questions from given material. Thanks very much to providing me CBT material and adding me in CBT group from where I was able to share my all doubts with similar students 🙏🏼

Anphiya Philip

My name is Anphiya Philip, Thanks Mentor Merlin , because of you people I passed my CBT exam . Within short days I could pass my exam , because I studied only your material in that everything were there.once again thanks 😊

Anupa John

l really express my heartfelt thanks to the Mentor Merlin Team for helping me to crack the CBT exam.The updated CBT materials helped me to pass the exam in my first attempt itself. Thank you Rose mam for your great support. l really recommend Mentor Merlin for those who are appearing for CBT. Thank u once again.

Joseph Bamfo

I passed the CBT at the first attempt and I'm super excited. I thank God for this victory. OMG!! The CBT Crack Course by Mentor Merlin was the best material for my preparation and in less than 2 weeks, I was adequately prepared for the exam. Thank you Mentor Merlin, I will always recommend you to my colleagues who want to write CBT.

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