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Mentor Merlin’s OSCE training materials have been carefully designed to ensure the exam is as easy and comfortable as possible. 

The objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) is a practical exam designed to test your knowledge applied to clinical practice. The exam will reflect the clinical practice you’re likely to encounter in the United Kingdom, so you should approach the OSCE in the same way you would in clinical practice.

6 Stations Test Preparation
The legacy OSCE is made up of six stations:

• Four stations are based around a scenario: the APIE (one station for assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation).

• Two stations test practical clinical skills from 13 Stations preparation includes June 14th updated 3 New Skills Stations.

10 Stations Test Preparation
The New OSCE Test is made up of 10 stations.

• Four of the stations are scenario-based and relate to four stages of the care process – APIE Stations (4)

• Four of the remaining stations are skills stations, testing practical Clinical Skills from (16) Skills Stations preparation

• In each New OSCE, there are two other generic stations, Professional Values and Evidence-based Practice – Professional Values Stations (1), Evidence-based Practice Stations (1)

Communication is central to nursing and midwifery practice and will continually be assessed during the OSCE’s. The examiner assesses the full range of communication skills (verbal, nonverbal, and written) by observing the interaction between you and a simulated patient (this may be an actor or a nursing manikin) and also by assessing your nursing or midwifery documentation in each station.

Describing the course in detail:

Mentor Merlin’s NMC OSCE Live Class assures you the complete knowledge about OSCE by constructively reviewing your performance with an examiner, which greatly enhances preparation for the Final Assessment.

This is OSCE Online Training Programme where Candidate will have an account to access and prepare initially with the OSCE crack course materials including pre-recorded videos before starting online training with OSCE Expertise Mentor.

• 3-Day Online Training
• 1-Day Online Revision Session

Merlin Features until you clear your OSCE:-
• Online OSCE Tutor Assistance
• Access to the crack course materials.
• Access to OSCE Premium Discussion Group.
• OSCE Coordinators will arrange and guide you through on scheduling of your trainings and preparation.
• Candidates can upgrade to the OSCE 7-Day Training Programme which consists of added OSCE 3-Day On-site Training including mock exam with review at Merlin Centre Northampton or London.


Learning Objectives

Comprehensive preparation is vital and increases your confidence in performing skills during the OSCE and in clinical areas. Taking a last-minute mock OSCE will in addition increase your confidence and competence. Mentor Merlin’s NMC OSCE Live Class moulds a nurse to;
Be psychologically prepared;
Stay calm and focused;
Be familiar with the working of the equipment;
Be familiar with checklist/marking criteria;
Know which procedures/guidelines are to be used in the OSCE;
Redemonstrate skills;
Know the timing of the OSCE;
Keep an eye on the time;
Practice answering questions verbally;
Inform the assessor if you forget to do something, as you May still have time to do it;
Communicate with the patient/carer


  • A nurse should clear the NMC Part 1 Test of Competence, CBT in order to subscribe to Mentor Merlin’s NMC OSCE Live Class. Offline classes and mock OSCE are for the nurses currently in the UK.
  • Once you subscribe to the course, please start with Course Room 1 which is simple in language and compact. The topics in course room 1 will give you an idea about what OSCE is and some basics of OSCE.
  • Before every live session with the tutor, if you could read the station and watch the video at least once it will benefit you far better.
  • Be regular for the sessions.

Target Audience

  • Nurses in their home country who have cleared NMC CBT.
  • Pre-registered nurses in the UK who are waiting for registration.


28 Lessons

Must Read Topics

Identify traps in OSCE
Hand Hygiene
The 6 C’s of Nursing
Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)
National Early Warning Score (NEWS)




Videos at a Glance

Student Feedback

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Reviews (10)

\" I am thankful to God Almighty and his mercies in the first place. Also, I thank Mentor Merlin for all your support and making me feel happy, and helping me prepare for my OSCE exam. Thank all my tutors too.Thank you Mentor Merlin once again.\"

Firstly I am very happy that I choose Mentor Merlin to help me in this OSCE journey. Large online classes were very informative, especially the three-day on-site training. Which gave me an idea and a complete vision of OSCE skills. Before I didn’t have an idea
how to manage time, how to perform the task even I was watching OSCE videos from YouTube. I really recommend my friends to do this Crack Course. It is worthwhile.

I attended Mentor Merlin OSCE online training which was really helpful and I cleared OSCE in my first attempt. I must add that the mock test was exceptional as its feedback was a game-changer. I definitely recommend this training institute.

A big thanks to Mentor Merlin's team for your support to achieve this great success. I really appreciate the way how you people are coordinating the classes and are approachable to time. Once again thank you all for your great support and help.

"Thank you, Mentor Merlin.

I'm glad to let you know that I've passed my OSCE.
I give glory to Jehovah for making this possible, I will forever be grateful to Mentor Merlin and your exceptional mentors; they provided the required knowledge to pass my OSCE and good emotional support. I'm very grateful"

My experience with Mentor Merlin is profound from CBT up to Osce. I passed cbt through Mentor Merlin's group and guidance. The online free classes and questions helped me pass cbt. And for Osce, I joined it 20 days into my exam, but the lessons online, the teaching materials gave me what I wanted. The videos guided my practice every day and built my confidence. The explanation of the tutors, wow, answered my questions. And then the mocks I did and the encouragement of the assessors that I can do it gave me the confidence to give it a go. I am most grateful.

Mentor Merlin OSCE Class are definite satisfaction guarantee for your money. They provided all the detailed teachings to maximise my potentials within a short time frame. Keep up the good work MM! I would recommend you to everyone.

Mentor Merlin helped me a lot in clearing my OSCE and the classes which were taken were in detail and they used to clarify all the doubts then only used to move forward. I thank all the mentors for helping me to clear my OSCE and my coordinator Emma helping me throughout the course. I definitely recommend Mentor Merlin for nurses who are planning to take up OSCE classes. Thank you, Mentor Merlin…

I want to deeply thank Mentor Merlin for training and equipping me with all the knowledge I needed for my OSCE exam. They patiently answered all of my questions and concerns no matter how many times I asked. I didn't feel alone all through my preparation. I registered for the 3 days face to face assessment with a mock test where I gained more confidence for the exam. I passed my OSCE exam at the first attempt because of GOD and Mentor Merlin.

I really want to appreciate and thank the whole mentor merlin team for my success in the OSCE and the way of teaching and explaining everything was outstanding. Then in the OSCE 3-day on-site training at Merlin Centre Northampton, the tutor demonstrated every single procedure and cleared doubts. Thank you.

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28 lectures

Material Includes

  • Course room 1, 2 an 3 has notes, and videos of APIE and skill stations.
  • Charts of NEWS2, GCS, PHQ9, MUST, Community Observations, Peak Flow Meter(PFM), Fluid Balance, Mid-Stream Urine Analysis(MSU).
  • Care plans
  • Implementation chart
  • Transfer of care letter
  • Scenarios

Enrolment validity: 180 days

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