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OET Crack Course (Repeater)

69 Lessons

The OET crack course consists of 18 sessions in total. …

What you'll learn
Follow and understand a range of health-related spoken materials such as patient consultations and lectures.
Read and understand different types of text on health-related subjects.
Write a letter in a clear and accurate way that is relevant to the reader.
Effectively communicate in a real-life context.

NMC OSCE On-site 3-Day Training at Merlin Centres, UK

All Levels

OSCE training at the Merlin Center, UK. This course is …

NMC ToC 21 CBT Crack Course – Extra Validity + EYNTC NMC CBT Book Delivered Home for FREE

22 Lessons
All Levels

Mentor Merlin; a global provider of NMC CBT online training. …

What you'll learn
Deep understanding of ToC 21 CBT topic
Helps to identify the method of answering
Familiarising test pattern
Membership to Premium CBT discussion group
Access to all updates during the activation period of course
Online live technical support 9am-5pm BST or in 24 hours
Real mock test with review

IELTS Crack Course

1 Lesson
All Levels

Are you a person with a targeted goal to build …

What you'll learn
Boost your English proficiency to a much higher standard
Personalised guidance in booking the test date for your exam.
Enhance your confidence and personality for future prospects.

NMC OSCE Crack Course

28 Lessons

With June 14th update APIE Scenario and 3 Skill Stations …

What you'll learn
Comprehensive preparation is vital and increases your confidence in performing skills during the OSCE and in clinical areas. Taking a last-minute mock OSCE will in addition increase your confidence and competence. Mentor Merlin’s NMC OSCE Crack Course moulds a nurse to;
Be psychologically prepared;
Stay calm and focused;
Be familiar with the working of the equipment;
Be familiar with checklist/marking criteria;
Know which procedures/guidelines are to be used in the OSCE;
Redemonstrate skills;
Know the timing of the OSCE;
Keep an eye on the time;
Practice answering questions verbally;
Inform the assessor if you forget to do something, as you May still have time to do it;
Communicate with the patient/carer
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