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NMC OSCE Crack Course

27 Lessons

With June 14th update APIE Scenario and 3 Skill Stations …

What you'll learn
Comprehensive preparation is vital and increases your confidence in performing skills during the OSCE and in clinical areas. Taking a last-minute mock OSCE will in addition increase your confidence and competence. Mentor Merlin’s NMC OSCE Crack Course moulds a nurse to;
Be psychologically prepared;
Stay calm and focused;
Be familiar with the working of the equipment;
Be familiar with checklist/marking criteria;
Know which procedures/guidelines are to be used in the OSCE;
Redemonstrate skills;
Know the timing of the OSCE;
Keep an eye on the time;
Practice answering questions verbally;
Inform the assessor if you forget to do something, as you May still have time to do it;
Communicate with the patient/carer
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